Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Finally complete!!

Well darn it,we filmed and i edited everything but then i go to check with some people what they think of it and the comments aren't all that positive, i was given some constructive criticism which i never turn down and realised that somethings needed to be changed for the final edit. So i re-storyboarded, went to central London to film at London bridge and then ran back home to film other scenes that i would replace existing ones with. This was very time consuming, and muddled up all my schedules but I got it done!! My impulse to change stuff was juts 3 days before the deadline for the final video and it was extremely stressful to get all that done and do revision for my exam the following Friday, but i did it and Im quite proud of it, I could've done much better but at the end there it was just me filming and editing due to the last minute changes. Now just need to add some finishing touches to my website! :D

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