Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Finally complete!!

Well darn it,we filmed and i edited everything but then i go to check with some people what they think of it and the comments aren't all that positive, i was given some constructive criticism which i never turn down and realised that somethings needed to be changed for the final edit. So i re-storyboarded, went to central London to film at London bridge and then ran back home to film other scenes that i would replace existing ones with. This was very time consuming, and muddled up all my schedules but I got it done!! My impulse to change stuff was juts 3 days before the deadline for the final video and it was extremely stressful to get all that done and do revision for my exam the following Friday, but i did it and Im quite proud of it, I could've done much better but at the end there it was just me filming and editing due to the last minute changes. Now just need to add some finishing touches to my website! :D

Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Riot Club presentation

Friday, 20 March 2015

Finally filming!!

So as a whole cast and crew we will be going out to film over the whole of Saturday.
If our call sheet and plan goes fully according to plan then we will be able to film the whole story on this one day, If not we will go into Sunday too.

This Saturday I will be getting up at around 4am to get to London Bridge by before 6am, I'm going to go film a time lapse of the sunrise to put in our final cut. I'll be experimenting more with both time lapse photography and video tonight near my house so tomorrow it all works out perfectly.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Call sheet and more organising...

Today we are sitting as a group and putting our new schedule into a more organised format. We are also going to make a call sheet and shot list to make everything more accessible to all the cast and crew.

Cancellation :(

Unfortunately our plan to film this weekend had to be cancelled due to the fact one of our actors was really sick and could not make it.

This obviously delays our original plan but it should all still work out on time. We will be filming this upcoming weekend and all the footage should be complete. I will start editing straight after the filming, so on the monday, it will all work out.

The weather looks like it will corporate with our schedule which is always a plus and therefore it should make filming go fast and smooth.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Plan complete!

Today we sat down as a group and planned out our filming schedule to the very last minute.
We have got our cast together and that was simple since we only needed two male actors.

The actors we have cast are friends in real life, therefore making the friendship chemistry more realist and true, which will hopefully make our coursework better.

We will start shooting this saturday morning.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Story boarding and film plan

So we have our story board finalised and the animatics too. We are now just finalising the casting and film plan timetable.

Filming should start this following Saturday with the whole crew present.